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This page is constructed to introduce you to me, my life as a Marine,
and what I am doing since I retired in 1967.
First off I entered the Corps in 1945 and stayed until 1967 after
getting out for a few  months between 1949 and 1950 (Korean Era)
Have held many positions in the Corps starting with the most common
as carrying a BAR, in a rifle Company.
Then upon re-enlisting in 1950 started my climbing the ladder, to my
rank at retirement. Motor Transport was my forte and if you knew
the Corps in those days, there was little or no advancement in Motor
Transport, so when in Vietnam and asked if I was going to re-enlist I
said, No thanks, and returned to Santa Ana, where I retired.
Then on to New York State, my home of record, where I found out
about the Marine Corps League and joined in 1968.
I held many offices in the Dept of NY save that as Commandant,
where I turned down the nomination, after being injured to the point of
using crutches. I didn't want to saddle the Dept with  a cripple as their
Commandant. I received the Marine of the Year for the Detachment, and
the Department in 1987, and then relocated to North Carolina, where I started
up the ladder again. Was the Department Commandant for five years
from1988 through 1993. While in office I did receive MOY from the
Detachment, the Department. and also received the Dog of the
Year from the Pound and Pack. In 1993 received the Past Chief Devil Dog’s award.
In the Year 2001, I was honored with being the recipient of the National
Marine Corps League's Marine of the Year Award.
All this time, since 1973 when I joined the Military Order of the Devil Dogs
I was advancing through the chairs in the Pound, the Pack and on into
the Kennel,where after 31 years became the Chief Devil Dog at the 
Supreme Growl in 2004.
I am still working for the League, the Dogs and all Veterans rights.
Only a total now of sixty (60) years so far for the Corps and the Country I love.
Semper Fi,                   George M. Barrows Sr SSGT USMC (Ret'd)

George M. Barrows Sr and Congressman Walter Jones

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