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On this page I will attempt to give  some ideas as to how to increase the 
interest in the Detachment of the Marine Corps League, and invite Marines 
into the League's membership.

Always carry a copy of the application blank in your wallet, and whenever 
and wherever you talk to someone and find out that he/she  is or has been a member of United State Marine Corps, the first thing to do is ask them to join with us, and then have them fill out the blank and remit his/her membership fee to you.

Upon their coming to the Detachment's meeting find out what interests 
him/her and assign them a job/task in the Detachment, to keep them interested and in this way keep their interest and you will have them renew when due. 
Plan activities in your Detachment which will benefit Veterans, members and the 
community.  Always work toward anything to do with Veteran's Benefits.

Camaraderie is always met when having joint ventures with other  Detachments 
or Veteran's Organizations, and attending Department (State ) meetings.

Other than the Marine Corps League please remember that the Military Order 
of the Devil Dogs is affiliated with the MCL and your members can only be asked to participate by other members. There is no way you can submit an application for this entry into the elite Devil Dogs.  If you are a working member of the League, and are noticed by Devil Dog members then they can ask you if you would like to join. The Dogs are the Fun and Honor Society of the Marine Corps League and are the ones that work toward community projects and promote money making ventures for the benefit of the Children in various hospitals wherever the League and Dogs are holding their National Conventions.

If you need more information please write me at my e-mail address at the end of 
these pages.

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